"I like to coach the individual and work alongside them to improve their golf game"

Simon Lucas

6 Month Coaching Plan

If a longer, more structured coaching programme is something that will work for you then this is perfect for you. In order to maximise your true potential as a golfer it is important to work with your coach over a longer period. It is no coincidence that the worlds top 3 golfers (Rory Mcilroy, Jordan Speith and Jason Day) still have their childhood coaches alongside them at tournaments.

Mcilroy aged 7 with coach Bannon      Mcilroy with coach Bannon on tour (aged 26) 

Best results for the player come from a long term coaching relationship. I believe this is due to the one to one nature of the sessions and the more you can work with someone the better I can get to know how you take on information and learning.





  How does it work?!


Upon committing to the programme we will take a session to sit down and discuss the goals and objectives that YOU wish to get out of the plan. People often feel that this kind of coaching package is for "good" players only however it can be done by absolutely anybody. Your goals are decided by YOU and we then break down the long term objective into tiny steps, weather it be to bring your handicap down by 5 shots or stepping out on the course to break 100. With these goals set we will identify the areas needed to improve.



Here's what is included:

  • 1 Hour Coaching session on a fortnightly basis (2 a month)
  • 2 x 9 hole on course lessons
  • Your own personal practice plan
  • Video analysis and lesson summery sent for every lessons
  • Flightscope data collected to track improvements
  • E-mail/Phone support

£580 NOW £400   

(limited to 10 people only)



 Testimonies from clients

"When I began Simons' Winter Programme last year I was typically shooting between 90 and 100. We decided that with some hard work and some swing changes a realistic goal was to get the scores in the 80's. Simon quickly identified some key areas that I needed to improve and I am very happy to say that I can consistently shoot in the low 80's with the a score of 70 just around the corner. I really like how Simon coaches and simplifies some very technical things. He used alot of psychological approaches to help with my short game "issues!"  - Richard Kelsall, Ashton Golf Centre.

 "Having quickly got to grips with golf and down to a handicap of 4, I had stalled with my improvement. I was advised to go and see Simon to get his thoughts on my swing. I was so impressed with Simons' knowledge of the game that I signed myself upto his long term programme. We set a goal to get down to a scratch handicap this season. I am delighted to say that I am a 1 handicap and really looking forward to working again with Simon this winter to continue my development to get below scratch next year! There was such an ease that Simon coaches with that he helped my self belief and goal setting. I felt I improved my golf every time I went for a lesson. My swing is so much more controlled but still feels like MY swing." - Harry Borland, Lancaster Golf Club.