"I like to coach the individual and work alongside them to improve their golf game"

Simon Lucas


Custom Fitting Options Now Available

I am happy to announce that with the help of Flightscope, custom fitting your clubs is now easy! With the launch monitor measuring how the club is performing we can take accurate readings from different types of heads, shafts weights etc and fit them to your swing. The price of a custom fitting session is £20 for half an hour (drivers and woods) or £30 for an hour (irons).


Christmas vouchers availible

This year we are running Christmas vouchers of a 3 for 2 offer. This is a perfect present for any golfer or 'wannabe' golfer. This offer can be for 3 x 30min lessons = £40 or 3 x 60min lessons = £60. Vouchers can be posted out to you ready in time for Christmas. PROCEED TO THE BOOKINGS PAGE to buy your perfect Christmas present for the avid golfer!



Flightscope Added to the Lesson Experience

We have added the very latest and best technology to evry lesson. Using the 3d radar technology you can see exactly how the club is moving during the swing and how that affects the golf balls flight. It gives fantastic readings and truly helps with the understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing.  


Helping young golfers start the game

This open championship week saw 10 lucky pupils of Heysham High school try the game for the first time. On Tuesday 17th July they visited a practice day for the open at Royal Lytham. Pupils grabbed autographs and saw some of the worlds best players getting ready for the tournament.

The next day the came to Ashton Golf Centre and were taught the basics by Simon Lucas on the driving range. After spending the morning fine tuning their set-up and swing they then went out on the course for 9 holes for the very first time.

Simon added "It's great for me to teach such young and enthusiastic kids this great game." One of the pupils from Heysham said "This game is not as easy as the pro's make it look!".

We hope that they countine their intrest in this great game and who knows, we may have started the career of a future Open player!


Lucas-golf starts "Novice 2 Golfer"

Simon will be running a beginner group session called "Novice to golfer". This group will take anyone that is new to golf through the fundamentals needed to keep playing the game. Starting with putting and chipping in week one, through to getting a driver sweeped off a tee after a few weeks. Sessions will begin on Tuesday 22nd May at 6pm. For further information contact Simon via the booking link on the website.