"I like to coach the individual and work alongside them to improve their golf game"

Simon Lucas


Coaching Local Schools


 I have been coaching some A-level students at Central Lancaster High school. There has been a group of 6 students studying strengths and weaknesses of sports with golf been their chosen sport. We started with 2 sessions on the driving range looking at their individual swing on the driving range and using the video to show areas that they had to work on to help improve.

Then we focused on the short game including pitching, chipping and putting and understanding how we change elements of the set - up and how that effected the ball flights.

We took the last week to get out on the course and play a few holes trying to take what we learnt on the driving range to the golf course. The lessons worked really well and with the help of the video the students understood a lot of the techniquies needed for the golf swing.



Lucas Golf, now based at Ashton Golf Centre, Lancaster, is offering golfers or aspiring golfers the chance of a free one to one video lesson to help start you on the road to better golf. If you are wondering why your golf isn’t improving with practice? Getting frustrated by the same costly shots in your round? or just interested in trying the game then let Simon show you where you can improve your game or learn the correct techniques to help you.

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