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2015 season review 

It's now January 2016 and due to a pretty hectic schedule my tournament blog got a little back dated. To summarise my playing year I got off to a really good start but slipped a little in the later tournaments. I did manage to represent the Lancashire PGA at the Belfry, which I was incredible proud to do and we finish in 2nd place by 1 shot. 

I have spent time building a personal plan for myself and I am going to improve on last seasons results. My confidence was dented towards the end of the season and it felt like I was holding onto my Order of merit ranking (top 3), instead of looking to challenge the top spot. I went into the season last year full of confidence and this lead to some very good results. I figure that this psychological link, like all aspects of playing great golf has to be worked on. Alongside working with my scoring clubs (putter and wedges), I will also be challenging my way of thinking around golf.

I am off to Portugal at the end of the month with the oversees Lancashire PGA pro am, and instead of wanting to compete I am looking to win. The real difficulty is not saying it but truly beliving it!  

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