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10/3/16 - Lancashire PGA winter series - St Annes - 71(-1) T8th

Next on the roster was a winter event at St annes old links. It was a cold day but the course was holding up great with the awful weather we have had this winter. The greens were running well, although I played late on and they where starting to get a little bobbely around the hole with all the traffic. I got off to a steady start and nearly holed my 10ft birdie putt on the first but my ball just bobbled off line at the last minuet. I had 4 putts do the same thing during the round and felt like if I had played earlier in the day they would of held their line and gone in. 

My long game was a little off the boil with a steady miss right all round but my chipping was decent enough to save me a couple of times. I had been back for a putting lesson so was looking forward to testing that under tournament conditions after a lot of solid practice. 

I finished the round off well and overall was much happier with my putter having 32 putts for the round which could of easily of been under 30 without the last minuite bobbles. Overall a score under par with the next event to look forward to.  

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