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21/3/16 - Lancashire PGA winter event - Blackpool North - 69 (-2) T4th

Coming back to Blackpool north shore after a solid round in the Lancashire open last year where I had a major blow up on 16 to go from -4 to level in one hole I was looking to rectify that this time round. I was lucky enough to be paired with ex- tour pro Dennis Durniam who was a pleasure to play with and I picked up alot of experience from him. After my last round at St.Annes I had worked on my long game a little more in practice as I felt putting all my time into short game had paid off but my long game had suffered. its so tough to find the balance but I feel I am doing this a lot better now. I dropped a shot on my first hole, although it was playing very tough back into the wind. 

The next hole I hit some absolutle pearlers into the flags with my irons and did feel I was rolling the ball well but had a couple of mis reads. There was a slight wind and sometimes it was difficult to know how much to allow on the putts for the wind. 

I managed to get it to -3 with 3 holes left and went to the 16th with a new plan! I hit the green two after hitting a rescue off the tee for safety. This was the only time in the round my putter let me down missing from 4ft for par and dropping a shot on 16 which is a pretty straight forward hole- aaarrrrgggghhhhh! 

Well its always good to break 70 so I am happy with the game at the moment and the putter is really starting to feel comfortable with my new technique. I had 31 putts so still room to break my target of sub 30 but it will come. 

That's it for the winter comps and now onto the real season! April 11th at fleetwood where I won last year so I have happy memories of this event. My game feels really solid and I am going to use the 2 weeks running up to the event to keep my practice disciplined and sharp! 2016 here we come!!! 

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