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10/5/16 - Lancs PGA Players tour - Harwood Gc - 73 - T6th

After a dismal display at pike fold I set aside 1 hour a day to do more practice. I would love more time but juggling coaching and moving house and expecting my 2nd child, there aren't enough hours in a day! I am still not happy with how my game is feeling and at Harwood I struck the ball very poorly. I had never played the course before and it is defiantly a course you need to play before the tournament. Again, poor preparation on my part. I was lucky enough to be paired with Rick Sheils who had been there the day before shooting one of his youtube video so I was thankful for some guidelines off the tee from him. 

I got off to a bad start and found myself +3 after 4 holes. I was thinking so much about my technique and trying to find a swing to play with. I decided to focus much more on the feel of the shot rather than technique and started to find some better shots. I was extremely happy with my mind set and grinding out a 6th place finish which I was very surprised with considering how poorly I had hit the ball.


The course is a tight and tricky one with some very tough (almost unplayable pin placements) so I did feel i left 3/4 out there but happy with the result for now! Playing poorly and still finihsing in the top 10 on a course I had never played before was credit to my "head down and grind through" approach. 


Some big events on the way so I must work harder on my long game and also I am going to take a look at my equipment to see if my current clubs are effecting my swing. Will keep you posted. 

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