A lesson with Simon Lucas is NOT a generic lesson. It is important to build a coach/player relationship to promote long term golf development. In a first lesson, time is taken to establish a players learning characteristics.

Some players gain greater improvements through a visual source (video), some through an understanding of the 'numbers' (launch monitors) and some through intrinsic feel of movements (drills).

Step 1 - An overview of the current game is established and a players particular strengths and weaknesses with personal goals set to work towards.

Step 2- 'Data' of your clubs performance through impact and how this effects your golf ball is taken. Using a launch monitor (Flightscope) we can identify your current impact conditions.



Whilst collecting this data, videos of your swing is captured. After analysing your swing we can use the video to show and help explain the particular impact condition that requires improvement.  

 Step 3- Now we have identified the particular positions, or movements its time to start work! Simon will guide the player through a step by step programme aimed to improve the understanding of the swing mechanics and then what the player needs to do in order to ultimately change the most important aspect, a more ideal impact condition. This is where Simon will work alongside the player to achieve this, as not everybody will pick up information in the same way.


Step 4 - With a better technique the player is given certain practice movements to help create an automatic golf swing. Then a detailed E-mail summery is sent to the player describing the lesson with pictures and/or some Flightscope data from the lesson.